Nothing feels as good as that first night in your first home

Take a look to see what homes are selling for in your area! Or shop to see what’s available to buy! Either way, you can depend on Catherine Mitchell Realty to assist you. Catherine practices real estate with a very focused approach, giving you a singular experience designed to meet your needs exactly. You will achieve your goals, moving in to a new home easily, with Catherine staying one step ahead to anticipate and solve any bumps in the road.

The lifelong dream for many Americans is owning a place to call their own – the dream of homeownership.  When that dream becomes reality, the exhilaration of spending the first night in the very first home is indescribable.

Your first home
Imagine turning the key and opening the door to your very own home for the very first time, knowing that this property is yours to decorate as you please.  The thought of cooking in your own kitchen or the thought of sleeping in your own master bedroom with the peace of mind of knowing that you are no longer paying rent, but instead building equity.  The feeling of “I made it, life is good.”  That’s the feeling millions of Americans have experienced thoughout the years – that feeling of homeownership, of pride.

Your first night
After a day of moving in, it’s unlikely you’ll get everything unpacked in a single day.  You may want to think about eating out or ordering a pizza on your first night because your kitchen may not be fully set up, or you’ll just be too tired from the move to cook.  Your bed may not be quite set up, so you may have to improvise when it comes to your sleeping arrangements – sleeping on mattress on the floor or maybe even in a sleeping bag! Yes, moving into your own home for the very first time can be filled with excitement and joy, but it can also be chaotic and exhausting.

On that very first night, the thought of “I’m a homeowner” will eventually start to sink in.  You may lay there for a while, reflecting on what it took to get to this moment: your old apartment, the steps to get your credit up to par, the job that affords you the opportunity to live in a place that you can now call home.

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As the The Intentional Realtor, my goal is to help you achieve the reality of homeownership.  I’ll do my best to make sure that you receive the best representation possible when it comes to buying a home and that your experience of homeownership is a joyous one.